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We have taken transit projects from concept through design to operations.

Urban transit is a key component of many successful 21st century cities. It can support the creation of vibrant communities and how  people live, work and play.

However, transit agencies and local jurisdictions are faced with many difficult challenges; our urbanizing landscape, increasing fuel costs, an aging population and the need to be better stewards of the environment are straining the resources of many transit providers.

So, why us?

Steer Davies Gleave is an independent transportation consultancy that has been supporting the delivery of urban transit projects across the world for over 30 years.

We have a history of developing transit systems throughout Europe, North America and South America, giving us the advantage of being able to bring a unique worldwide perspective to the table.

Our approach to transit projects is guided by the principle of putting the passenger first, where high quality design considers the ‘whole trip’ (information, ticketing, safety, convenience, ease of access and quality of service) which leads to transit, walking and bicycling being the modes of choice for personal travel.

What we can do for you

Steer Davies Gleave has taken transit projects from concept through design to operations. Our core expertise includes guiding local decision makers and stakeholders through the alternatives analysis process to identify the optimum transit corridors, transit networks, and the surrounding land use opportunities.

  • Regional transit planning (bus networks, BRT, streetcar, LRT, tram, commuter rail, metro)
  • Corridor planning
  • FTA New Starts, Small Starts, & Very Small Starts processes
  • Alternatives analysis using Multiple Account Evaluation
  • Transit operations
  • Transit access and station area planning
  • Urban realm planning/complete streets
  • Bicycle & pedestrian integration
  • Route-finding and (pre-)feasibility studies
  • Transit demand & revenue forecasting
  • Microsimulation modeling
  • Transit design & cost estimating
  • Alternative delivery methods
  • Transportation Demand Management (TDM)
  • Benefits case/business case
  • Transit facility design
  • Wayfinding and passenger information

Our clients include:

  • TransLink, Vancouver, BC
  • Province of British Columbia
  • City of Edmonton, AB
  • City of Hamilton, ON
  • Metrolinx, Toronto ON
  • TriMet, Portland OR
  • Metro, Portland OR
  • Sacramento Regional Transit, CA
  • Sound Transit, WA
  • Ann Arbor Transportation Authority, MI
  • Transport for London, UK
  • Transmilenio, Bogota, Colombia

For more information contact or to arrange an informal chat, please contact:

Alan Jones
t +1 (604) 629 2610
Or get in touch with us here

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