Transportation demand management

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Transportation demand management
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Solutions to support both economic growth and reduce our impact on the environment.

Transportation has a significant impact on the environment, on social issues and on economic development. The need to provide solutions which address these issues are becoming more important elements of policy and implementation decisions across North America.

Steer Davies Gleave’s transportation experts have developed a wide range of solutions that help our clients analyze, understand and solve their transportation challenges using TDM and sustainability-responsive strategies.

So, why us?

Steer Davies Gleave leads the market in delivering sustainable transportation solutions. For over 20 years we have developed new techniques in TDM and travel planning such as Smarter TravelStyle, a map-based analysis tool which focuses on how our clients can obtain the best value for money.

Our team of environmental scientists, engineers, planners, business advisors and GIS specialists brings a diversity of opinion, experience and ideas to every project.

What we can do for you

Whether you are part of the public or private sector, we can help you tackle the transportation issues facing your organization.

  • Carbon footprinting & climate change solutions
  • Bicycling strategies
  • Environmental economics
  • Park & Ride strategies and implementation
  • Personal travel planning
  • Promotion & marketing of public transit
  • Sustainable travel solutions for new development
  • Transportation demand management interventions
  • Travel plans for companies and other organizations
  • Urban design of pedestrian and bicycle-friendly public space
  • Travel behavior change strategy & implementation
  • Walking strategies & pedestrian environment audits

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Transportation demand management, Carbon footprinting, climate change solutions, Bicycling strategies, Environmental economics, Park & Ride, Personal travel planning, Public transit promotion, Pedestrian environment audits
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