Transit-oriented development

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Transit-oriented development
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Transit can revitalize neighborhoods; from providing more jobs to reducing carbon footprints.

Transit solutions have proven to be a catalyst for new development, especially around stations. Transit can help revitalize neighborhoods with wide-ranging benefits, from providing more jobs to reducing carbon footprints.

But transit-oriented development (TOD) is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Every community is different and TOD planning should:

  • focus on meeting local market and social needs
  • be realistic in the benefits it can provide and what the market will support
  • include good urban design as an important part of the solution

So, why us?

Steer Davies Gleave brings a unique international vision for how people, land-use, and transit interact to create vibrate TOD communities.

We combine this with our North American knowledge base to promote good urban design and sustainable communities centered around transit.

Our transit and TOD experts help local communities plan for their sustainable futures by providing frameworks for implementing new development around transit corridors and stations. Our focus is on developing transit solutions that are commercially deliverable and provide improved mobility as well as promoting transit-oriented development and related economic uplift.

What we can do for you

  • Land use planning
  • Conceptual urban design
  • Accessibility audits
  • Economic uplift and market potential analysis
  • Passenger facility design
  • Signage & wayfinding
  • Pedestrian and bicycle planning
  • 2D and 3D visualizations

For more information contact or to arrange an informal chat, please contact:

Lisa Buchanan
 t +1 (213) 337 6790
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