Local & regional transportation

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Award-winning solutions; from policy development to land-use planning to behavioural change.

As cities grow, transportation challenges increase and the prioritization between the various modes of transportation becomes more difficult. Local transportation issues are often complex and directly impact the public, so the need to provide reliable and publically acceptable solutions is of paramount importance.

Local governments and regional transportation agencies must develop clear policy direction, while balancing stakeholder’s desires with project priorities and project funding constraints.

So, why us?

Steer Davies Gleave has over 30 years’ experience in providing local governments  with the insight needed to make good policy decisions in what is often a complex transportation environment.

Many of the ideas that were first developed by Steer Davies Gleave have quickly passed into the mainstream; such as our stated-preference surveys, smarter travel techniques and policy guidance on integrating transit and land use.

We have supported many decision-makers in delivering the benefits that result from efficient and effective transportation policies. Starting from clear analysis of customer needs, we help develop multimodal responses that incorporate travel demand management and deliver infrastructure improvements.

What we can do for you

  • Strategy development and advice
  • Policy and plan development and analysis
  • Funding & implementation
  • Multimodal integration
  • Engagement & advocacy
  • Land use planning
  • Transit-oriented development and land use integration
  • Compliance with Federal and state environmental policy and permitting
  • TDM interventions, travel planning and behavior change
  • GIS data analysis
  • Public outreach, public education campaigns
  • Modeling & forecasting (traffic, transit ridership)

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Strategy development, policy development, policy analysis, transportation funding, transportation implementation, multimodal integration, land use planning, transit-oriented development, TDM interventions, GIS data analysis, forecasting traffic, forecasting ridership
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