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Design for movement
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Multi-disciplinary approach to the design of public spaces, transportation facilities and the amenities they contain.

Design for Movement is a multidisciplinary approach to the design of public spaces, transportation facilities and the amenities they contain.

It is intended to enable innovative design solutions ranging from concept and detailed design, to design standards, guidelines and policy.

It can help to:

  • Bring together key stakeholders and design professionals from the outset to work collaboratively and interactively
  • Encourage active travel with the aim of meeting climate change and health targets
  • Improve the user experience of new or existing infrastructure, transportation systems or amenities
  • Enable urban regeneration and improve competitiveness of place to support economic growth
  • Evaluate the softer, less tangible benefits of transportation facility and public realm design
  • Build support and funding for projects by presenting solutions in a format that is easily understandable

So, why us?

We offer a multi-disciplinary approach based on understanding and integrating the needs of people, transportation and movement to help realize sustainable, accessible, and engaging design solutions.

We can visualize project concepts through 3D environments, and integrate these with the outputs of microsimulation models to generate compelling video simulations.

We have developed award-winning brand and communication strategies, information graphics, maps and technical documents for many clients around the world.

What we can do for you

  • Urban and landscape design
  • Wayfinding, signing and cartography
  • Digital media design
  • Pedestrian and cycle planning and design
  • Brand and communications
  • Passenger information systems and journey planning
  • UX design 
  • Transportation facility and interchange design 
  • Transportation master planning, TOD and access plans
  • Land use planning
  • Micro-simulation and connectivity analysis
  • 3D modeling and visualization
  • Highway and junction design
  • Economic uplift and market potential analysis
  • Accessibility audits
  • Stakeholder management and engagement
  • Consultation
  • User testing and research

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Integrated design, CAD design, Intersection design, Urban design, Wayfinding, Signing, Cartography, Accessibility audits
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