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Expert economic advice to regional, national and local government agencies, transportation operators, and other businesses.

The link between investment and economics is at the heart of current thinking on transportation policy. Across the world there has been a move toward objective-led transportation funding that takes into account the effect of policies and projects on health, the environment, economic growth and employment.

A rigorous application of economic tools and techniques can help decision makers to:

  • Estimate the benefits and costs of a transportation project or policy
  • Assess Wider Economic Impacts such as agglomeration effects
  • Compare the outcomes of different policy and project options in a structured way
  • Define price-based measures to help align travel behavior with regulatory and policy goals
  • Design pricing and incentive systems for transportation agencies & operators
  • Investigate the value and effectiveness of measures intended to achieve broader policy aims, for example carbon reduction

So, why us?

Steer Davies Gleave provides expert economic advice to regional, national and local government agencies, transportation operators, and other businesses around the world.

Our expert team of transportation economists has a wide range of skills and experience and a track record of rigorous thinking, analytical excellence and innovative problem solving. We have worked closely with clients on a variety of transportation projects requiring thorough economic reasoning and analysis.

Working in multidisciplinary teams, we combine economics skills with industry expertise, providing clients with practical solutions based on economic principles and an understanding of how transportation systems actually work.

What we can do for you

  • Competition and regulatory advice
  • Economic business case development
  • Transportation, land use & economic modeling
  • Project appraisal
  • Cost benefit analysis & Multiple Account Evaluation (MAE)
  • Wider Economic Impact assessment and guidance
  • Stated preference and contingent valuation studies
  • Econometrics

Our clients include:

  • Metrolinx (Toronto, ON)
  • Translink (Vancouver, BC)
  • City of Edmonton (Edmonton, AB)
  • City of Hamilton (Hamilton, ON)
  • Regional Transit (Sacramento, CA)

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Tranportation economics, regulatory advice, business case development, economic modeling, project appraisal, cost benefit analysis, multiple account evaluation, wider economic impact assessment, econometrics
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