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As the leading independent transport consultants, we help shape the transport debate. Our experts often share their thoughts and opinions in industry publications and our own newsletters.

20th December 2016

Movement Matters is a series of meet-ups, presented by Steer Davies Gleave, exploring how transportation shapes and influences the cities we live in. 

Our first series of meet-ups take place in Los Angeles, where we share a program of insightful discussions on some of the most current topics in the industry, including technology, Mobility as a Service, behavior change, wayfinding systems, and transit funding. 

Industry insights
North America
7th December 2016

Pune is a major Indian city, the second largest in the western state of Maharashtra. It is a wonderful example of the vibrancy, excitement and ancient culture for which India’s cities are famous, but it suffers from all the social problems that come with the energy and color, too.

Industry insights
Asia Pacific
6th October 2016

Steer Davies Gleave is delighted to announce the appointment of Keith Whalen who joins to lead the firm’s business development and operations in North America.  

Press releases
20th September 2016

Steer Davies Gleave is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen D. Van Beek, Ph.D. who joins us to lead the development of a North American aviation practice from our new office in Washington DC.

Stephen has a distinguished career as a professor, senior government official and management consultant focusing on policy and regulatory services as well as strategic and business planning. 

Press releases
25th August 2016

Steer Davies Gleave continues to support clients across the world involved in developing public private partnership infrastructure projects across the sector, including highways, railways, ports and logistics, airport and urban transit infrastructure. In addition to our support on traffic and revenue studies, Steer Davies Gleave has provided technical advisory services on multiple infrastructure projects reaching financial close worth a total of over US$32 billion.

Industry insights
North America
10th August 2016

Complete Streets are streets for everyone. They are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users in a community. When creating Complete Streets, priorities need to be balanced between a variety of demands including traffic operations, public safety and health, social equity, and quality of life.

Industry insights
North America
26th July 2016

When thinking about moving groups of people from one destination to another, trains, buses, and airplanes are usually the first things that come to mind. Often overlooked, however, is how large groups of people navigate vertically through our urban environments. How do crowds access and move through stations? How should we design elevator systems for large office buildings? How can we plan for more unique purpose elevators?

Industry insights
North America
22nd July 2016

Steer Davies Gleave is delighted to announce the appointment of Sharon Daly, former Head of Planning at SDG, as Managing Director for their United Kingdom business.

Sharon is an Australian-born management consultant specialising in transport. An accountant by training, her career began in government working for the Department for Transport in South Australia where she focused on forward investment strategies. She moved to the UK in 2000, taking a leading role in the development of transport strategy and planning at SDG.

Press releases
UK & Ireland
13th July 2016

Smart card and mobile payment technologies have led many transit agencies to adapt their fare policies and strategies. New technology allows for new ways to set, calculate and pay fares, creating opportunities to align fare strategy with both broader policy goals and customer needs. 

Developing new fare strategies can be politically and technically complex, as transit fare strategy shapes the price travelers pay, which in turn impacts ridership, revenue and financial sustainability.

Industry insights
Digital, Transit
North America
1st July 2016

Steer Davies Gleave has implemented over 50 Personalized Travel Planning (PTP) projects, engaging with over half a million households in the UK and Australia. We have also been actively looking for opportunities to trial this approach in the US to see whether the same positive outcomes can be achieved. 

Industry insights
North America

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