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Transportation Demand Management

Why do we need TDM brands?

11 October 2013

Government agencies and private companies alike are increasingly looking to transportation demand management (TDM) programs to help address our increasingly congested transportation networks. Meanwhile, auto-manufacturers do their best to counter these efforts by continuing to invest millions of dollars building and managing their brands to sell more vehicles.

2013: The Year of the Quantified Self

26 July 2013

eMarketer noted in August 2012 that about 50% of Americans over the age of 14 owned a smartphone and by 2016 almost 75% of all mobile phone accounts will use smartphones. As the proliferation of GPS-enabled smartphones continues, many people now have the ability to track their movements like never before. Many are geared towards fitness (Strava and Runkeeper track running and cycling), an astounding number are geared towards tracking vehicle mileage (Trip Cubby and TripLog for example), while Moves tracks your every move.

Keeping Millennials out of the driver’s seat

26 July 2013

Young people are driving less than ever, and while the motor industry is buried in introspective angst it is clear that a significant cultural shift is underway. The last century’s love affair with driving at any cost is showing signs of ending, though the reasons behind the breakup remain unclear. 

Single occupancy vehicle access to the rail network – a thing of the past?

28 March 2013

Whether the aim is to increase rail ridership, manage parking issues or provide those without a car with better access to the rail network, Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plans for stations can unlock the potential.

Innovative TDM solutions for infrastructure

11 January 2013

Large transportation infrastructure projects continue to be developed across the US and Canada despite recent economic hardship and increasing costs. Steer Davies Gleave has realized the value in pairing innovative transportation demand management (TDM) strategies with infrastructure projects to capitalize on investment.

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