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Making the intangible tangible

15 January 2016

Infrastructure planners have the experience and tools to quantify improvements to travel times and hence changes in transit ridership. However, the public and decision makers are more likely to be interested in the impact of infrastructure on the economy, the environment and society, and planners will need to be persuasive of the benefits of infrastructure investment in these areas.

Understanding your data needs

29 December 2015

Automatic vehicle location (AVL) and automatic passenger counting (APC) systems are becoming increasingly popular with transit systems, large and small. These data collection systems are hugely beneficial when considering customer service, planning and performance management, but how do you define your needs?

Providing transit in small and rural communities

04 December 2015

Transit plays a key role in shaping community growth, improving mobility, and expanding economic opportunities. Larger cities and communities have led the dialogue for greater transit investment to respond to its mobility needs. While these needs are crucially important, Canada’s smaller towns and villages are increasingly realizing the benefits of transit in their communities.

Tags: Transit

Assessing the effects of port disruptions on the container shipping network

20 February 2015

We live in the era of globalisation and large-scale outsourcing of manufacturing. This has accorded container terminals a critical role in modern society: they are the hubs through which the majority of the world's cargo flows among transport modes and international jurisdictions. As such, their efficiency and resilience are fundamental components in the overall performance of supply chains.

Transportation and trade networks

11 November 2014

The value of world trade has been growing by 7% per year for the last 30 years. This globalization of formerly regional, national and continental markets has everywhere been facilitated by both investment in transportation infrastructure and the development of more efficient vehicles and operations.

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