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Steer Davies Gleave hosts its first Movement Matters seminar in LA focused on intelligent mobility

08 February 2017

On Tuesday, January 24 2017, Steer Davies Gleave hosted its first Movement Matters event in Los Angeles. The event took place at The Standard Downtown LA, where an excellent turnout of attendees including a select panel of experts participated in a lively discussion regarding the future of intelligent mobility. 

UX: the next big thing for transit?

05 January 2017

Los Angeles is on the cusp of change. With new infrastructure projects in the pipeline, what could the city's transit agencies learn from user experience (UX) research?

In 2016, Los Angeles opened a new rail line to the beach, extended the Gold Line light rail system and introduced bikeshare to five of its cities. The future looks positive, with Measure M (a recently approved half-cent sales tax) set to fund a number of large-scale rail and road projects over the next fifty years. 

Making fares make sense

13 July 2016

Smart card and mobile payment technologies have led many transit agencies to adapt their fare policies and strategies. New technology allows for new ways to set, calculate and pay fares, creating opportunities to align fare strategy with both broader policy goals and customer needs. 

Developing new fare strategies can be politically and technically complex, as transit fare strategy shapes the price travelers pay, which in turn impacts ridership, revenue and financial sustainability.

Gamifying transportation and active modes — what's next?

24 February 2016

Like many people, I'm obsessed with data. For me it's cycling data — every ride I do gets uploaded to Strava and examined for personal records, average speeds and elevation gains. Each ride will bring a new insight and I can even compete for digital badges. But what if all this data, all this effort, could be rewarded tangibly? Let's say you commute to work by bike a couple of times a week, saving four single occupancy trips. What if you UberPool’d to work on one of those days?

Getting to the tryline: developing the England 2015 Rugby World Cup journey planner

08 December 2015

England 2015 hosted the most successful Rugby World Cup ever, using 13 venues spread across 11 different UK cities.

Due to the nature of the tournament, with increased hospitality and media areas in place, the normal transport operations had to be changed at each venue. This involved widespread alterations to car parking, public transport and park and ride services. With matches held on different days of the week and with kick-off times ranging from midday to 8pm, spectator transport demand was anything but normal. 

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