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Paying for roads: time for a change?

05 December 2017

With the exception of a few tolled sections, the roads network is free at the point of use. This distorts economic signals and leads to excess demand. Moving to a revenue neutral ‘pay as you go’ system, using existing and developing GPS and fleet management systems, would provide a way to link usage and cost directly, leading to a more optimal use of the road and wider transportation network.

Funding for a parallel tunnel at Chesapeake

29 June 2016

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel is a 23-mile long toll facility that spans the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia, connecting the Delmarva Peninsula and the Hampton Roads area. Plans to expand the bridge-tunnel are currently underway in an effort to improve levels of service, safety and capacity for all travelers. 

Traffic and revenue advisor Jonathan Pagan joins SDG

25 February 2015

Steer Davies Gleave is delighted to welcome Jonathan Pagan, who joins our US Advisory Division as an Associate.  Jon was previously with CDM Smith and Leigh Fisher and is an experienced transportation economist with extensive consulting and management experience.   His global project experience extends to 15 countries and includes a mix of rail demand forecasting, airport passenger and activity forecasting, as well as overseas highway feasibility and studies for toll road projects and managed lanes.

Transportation and trade networks

11 November 2014

The value of world trade has been growing by 7% per year for the last 30 years. This globalization of formerly regional, national and continental markets has everywhere been facilitated by both investment in transportation infrastructure and the development of more efficient vehicles and operations.

Traveler perception of managed lanes

14 October 2014

Research has been carried out for many years into the value of travel-time reliability (VOR), typically to estimate the cost of delays to the economy or to a transport operator, or to help develop a business case for new investment.

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