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Research and innovation

Notes from the LA CoMotion Conference in Los Angeles

21 December 2017

Steer Davies Gleave was a sponsor for the LA CoMotion conference in Los Angeles’ Arts District on November 15-19. The unique five-day event brought together global leaders of the mobility revolution. With over 1,000 participants, 85 speakers and 50 exhibitors, the conference provided an immersive glimpse into the mobility revolution that is changing the way we move in an increasingly electric, connected and shared world.

Steer Davies Gleave hacks its way into innovation!

22 April 2016

Last week Steer Davies Gleave hosted its first HackDay where seventeen of our consultants became ‘hackers’ for a day and worked during 12 intensive hours on innovative solutions to a number of internal and external challenges to SDG and the transport industry.

Assessing the effects of port disruptions on the container shipping network

20 February 2015

We live in the era of globalisation and large-scale outsourcing of manufacturing. This has accorded container terminals a critical role in modern society: they are the hubs through which the majority of the world's cargo flows among transport modes and international jurisdictions. As such, their efficiency and resilience are fundamental components in the overall performance of supply chains.

Using Behavioural Insights to influence travel behaviour

20 August 2014

The US federal and UK governments have their Behavioural Insight teams (or 'nudge squads') and now Steer Davies Gleave does too! Tony Duckenfield, Head of Behaviour Insights at Steer Davies Gleave explains why having experience in this area places us in a unique position within the field of transport.

The value of time

14 March 2014

How much do travelers value their time and how much would they be willing to pay for a better and faster transportation link?

For many years Steer Davies Gleave has been at the forefront of research into travelers’ behavior in an effort to answer these crucial questions. Since the early 2000s, we have interviewed hundreds of people in different countries, and we have analyzed their preferences with the objectives of first understanding users’ behavior and second estimating ‘values of time’ (VoT).

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