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Designing for safer LRT

06 April 2017

Low floor LRT is growing in popularity across North America, though it always raises the question of safety. So what best practice should the designers, planners and operators be implementing to ensure a safe interaction? 

The emergence of ‘urban style’ light rail transit (LRT) projects in North America, especially in Canada, has been noticeable over the past decade. As a rapid transit mode solution catering to intermediate ridership, the benefits of light rail reach far beyond efficient and practical people-moving. 

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LRT versus BRT: which is the better option?

28 July 2015

As worldwide urban populations grow and cities become more densely populated, the demand for rapid transport systems also grows. A well-integrated rapid transport system is the aspirational goal for any city authority seeking to move its citizens from A to B in a fast, efficient and comfortable way. 

Passenger perceptions of BRT and LRT

11 October 2013

Steer Davies Gleave has worked with many clients internationally to plan, design and evaluate Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) projects. Although much is known about the differences in BRT and LRT technologies, less is known about how passengers perceive them and their preferences.

City wants to be ready for LRT

03 April 2012

The City of Mississagua continues to move forward on its $1.3-billion light-rail transit (LRT) project. reports that Steer Davies Gleave's Alan Jones recently walked councillors through a presentation showing examples of LRTs in Canadian cities and around the world. Read the full article here.

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The shape of cities to come

29 November 2010

City shaping is the aim; light rail transit (LRT) investment the catalyst. How is Edmonton, Alberta addressing the challenge?

As planning continues for urban transit in Canadian cities there is a growing realization that the scale of funding requires a greater return on the investment. Improvements to transit services – fast, reliable, and direct –are a prerequisite, but many cities are now looking for new LRT projects to deliver much more. Using LRT as a catalyst to wider city renewal is now the overriding objective.

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