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Meet some of our key toll and revenue team leaders

31 October 2017

For several generations, the demand for travel has outpaced the supply of transportation infrastructure. Despite various challenges, the toll industry of modern times is helping to improve mobility throughout North America.

Steer Davies Gleave is a leading proponent of road pricing as one means of providing finance and managing demand in a time of competing needs. Steer Davies Gleave is advising clients across the industry who need to assess potential investment, pricing and operational solutions. We are a pioneer in the application of stated preference in major transportation research and have been innovative in developing an effective way to forecast demand through dynamic models that link transportation, land-use, employment and economic input.

Highlighted below are a few of our key team leaders for toll and revenue. Reach out to them to learn how Steer Davies Gleave can help provide powerful answers to your complex questions.

David Cuneo, Associate Director (Boston, MA)

David Cuneo leads Steer Davies Gleave’s US Traffic and Revenue forecasting work. An engineer by training, David has spent his whole career focused on transportation. He specializes in travel demand forecasting, transportation planning, economics, and pricing and revenue management, with a key focus on toll facilities. His work in transportation has included domestic and international work on highway, airline, rail, and public transportation projects.

  • Revenue forecasting and analysis: Revenue forecasting and analysis has been a consistent theme of David’s work, from his earlier airline revenue management focus to his recent assessments of the revenue generating potential of transportation infrastructure projects, including toll facilities and high-speed rail. He has served as project manager and lead modeler for many traffic and revenue studies.
  • Travel demand forecasting: David has been involved in travel demand forecasting for many transportation studies, leading and managing the development and application of demand models for use in a range of studies including alternatives assessments, comprehensive transportation plans, and accessibility studies. He has a strong track record working with planners and engineers to ensure forecasting can support decision making.

Contact David:

Pierre Vilain, Ph.D., Associate Director (New York, NY)

Pierre has worldwide expertise in infrastructure and regional economic policy formulation and advisory, including transportation demand modeling, the analysis and appraisal of major infrastructure projects, economic cost-benefit analysis, risk analysis and financial appraisal. In transportation or urban development policy, Pierre is an expert in the application of cost-benefit and micro-economic analysis to infrastructure issues. Pierre has been very active in Public Private Partnerships (P3s) in infrastructure, where he has advised owners, sponsors and lenders.

  • Transportation modeling: Pierre is a noted expert in the application of econometric techniques to transportation modeling, which he has applied in the context of numerous forecasting assignments for private and public sector clients. His expertise includes panel, discrete choice and time series modeling. He also has been extensively involved in developing innovative approaches merging econometric and network models.
  • Regional and urban modeling: Pierre has developed models of regional and industry growth that have been used extensively in the development of forecasts of transportation demand, employment and population growth, and municipal tax revenues. He has also applied econometric techniques to assess the impacts on property values of transit accessibility changes. Pierre has worked extensively with regional and national input-output models, and has developed extensions to these models that have been applied to freight and inter-regional trade modeling.   
  • Cost-benefit analysis and program evaluation: Pierre has applied cost-benefit analysis techniques to the evaluation of numerous projects and programs in his professional career. His expertise in this field is extensive, and he has developed cost-benefit analysis frameworks for the Port Authority of NY and NJ and the European Investment Bank.

Contact Pierre:

Jon Pagan, Associate (Washington DC)

Jon is a transportation economist with 25 years of consulting experience. Since 2002, he has specialized in the US tolling industry, specifically in traffic and revenue advisory work. His early career included very diverse transportation experience which has provided him with a broad understanding of how to deliver high quality, high value products. Jon has managed feasibility studies supporting over $5 billion of revenue bonds and other financings, has supported a $1.8 billion TIFIA Application and has defended forecasts for audit by the USDOT Inspector General. He is highly experienced in working with client teams and communicating toll and revenue findings to the financial community and others.

  • Managed lanes and dynamic pricing: Jon has significant experience developing revenue forecasts of variably-priced toll facilities. He has also developed dynamic pricing algorithms and advised on their workings.
  • Toll and revenue studies: Jon has performed a large number of successful ‘preliminary’ and ‘investment grade’ traffic and revenue studies for public and private sector toll industry clients.

Contact Jon:

Alejandro Obregon, Associate (Boston, MA)

Alejandro brings over 13 years of experience in the transportation industry, focused mainly on planning and feasibility assessments from a demand and financial viability aspect. He has worked on major transportation infrastructure schemes around the world in a wide range of markets, including highway and public transportation. Alejandro specializes in demand and revenue forecasts, particularly to support P3 projects. At the beginning of his career, he focused on the planning and implementation of the highly regarded TransMilenio BRT system in Bogotá.

  • Toll road studies: Alejandro has been Project Manager and Technical Lead for toll road demand and revenue forecasting studies on behalf of numerous lenders, equity investors and bidding consortia. His experience has included the development of network models and econometric models in excel to provide robust traffic and revenue forecasts.
  • Public transportation studies: Alejandro has worked on various public transportation studies covering demand and revenue forecasts and detailed operational designs. He has prepared ridership and revenue forecasts for various rail projects, including California High Speed Rail, Orlando Airport rail link, and Gautrain rail system in Johannesburg in South Africa.
  • Transportation modeling: Alejandro has been responsible for multi-modal transportation model development and applications for various projects, covering demand/choice, highway and public transportation.

Contact Alejandro:

Dan Gomez-Duran, Associate (Vancouver, ON)

Dan is a highly experienced transportation professional with a wide range of experience involving road and transit projects throughout North America. He brings extensive experience in economic evaluation and business case development across all transportation modes, policy and strategy advice, pedestrian modeling and traffic microsimulation. His wide-ranging skills and experience enable him to understand, query and peer review technical outputs and understand their commercial, technical and evaluation implications. A particular focus of Dan’s has been P3 infrastructure projects, where he has advised owners, sponsors and lenders on the robustness of revenues.

  • Roads: Dan has worked for owners, sponsors and lenders on a number of toll, shadow toll and availability road projects in Canada, the US and the UK. Dan's range of technical skills and experience in every aspect of the forecasting process ensures the development of bespoke forecasting tools that provide the client with robust results.
  • Economic evaluation: As a result of extensive experience in road and transit forecasting, Dan is in an ideal position to translate model outputs into economic evaluation inputs. Dan has been responsible for a range of economic evaluations of transportation infrastructure, including regional road and transit improvement programs, bus, BRT, LRT and heavy rail.

Contact Dan:

Ying Bao, Associate (Boston, MA)

Ying has over 12 years of consulting experience in both the private and public sectors, specializing in traffic and revenue forecasting, travel demand modeling, transit planning, and transportation software development. As a senior transportation modeler and project manager, Ying has led and managed many sizable projects including toll road forecasting, traffic impact study, transit ridership forecasting, and long-range transportation plans.

  • Toll road forecasting: Ying has managed and participated in several toll road forecasting studies in the US. She has extensive experience in traffic and revenue forecasting for toll road facilities including fully-tolled roads, bridges and managed lanes such as HOT lanes and reversible express lanes.
  • Travel demand forecasting: Ying has extensive experience in travel demand forecasting. She has managed and contributed to both travel demand model development and traffic studies on implementing travel demand models for large MPOs and state governments, and on forecasting transit ridership using traditional travel demand model packages.
  • Traffic impact study and environmental impact analysis: Ying has led many traffic impact studies and environmental impact analyses in her previous experience. She has extensive experience in air quality analysis, environmental justice analysis and health impact assessment.

Contact Ying:

Mark Feldman, Associate (Boston, MA)

Mark brings a background in math and statistics. Over a decade ago he became interested in transportation as an opportunity to utilize his skills to solve real world problems and intelligently plan for future growth. Since then, he has specialized in forecasting traffic levels and working with travel demand models. He has managed and played key roles in several projects involving both traffic and transit ridership forecasts.

  • Travel demand forecasting: Mark has 11 years of experience in traffic and travel demand forecasting. He has managed and contributed to both travel demand model development projects and traffic studies implementing travel demand models for a large number of city and state governments.
  • Transit ridership forecasting: Mark has worked on transit ridership models throughout his career, including econometric models measuring the impact of on-time performance and fuel prices, intercity rail projects using travel demand models, and self-contained linear regression models of local transit systems.
  • Statistical modeling: Mark’s understanding of the inner workings of the modeling process enables him to provide insights that help forecasts respond to the right variables and sensitivity, providing more intuitive results for quantitative projects that make sense to all parties involved.

Contact Mark:

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