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Meet some of our key rail team leaders

29 August 2017

Steer Davies Gleave is one of the preeminent rail and transit consulting groups in North America, working globally for government and national rail agencies, infrastructure managers, operating companies, rolling stock manufacturers, leasing companies and investors. We have the skill, experience and versatility to analyze virtually any issue present within the rail industry; to provide strategic advice, to generate technical solutions, and to support practical implementation.

Highlighted below are a few of our key team leaders in the rail market. Reach out to them to learn how Steer Davies Gleave can help provide powerful answers to your complex questions.

Stefan Reul, Associate (Boston, MA)

Stefan is a senior project manager and senior transportation planner with extensive experience in travel demand modeling, operations analysis and simulation modeling, as well as cost-benefit and financial feasibility studies for rail, transit and road projects. Before moving to the United States, he worked as a consultant in Munich and Stuttgart, Germany with a focus on transit and rail planning projects.

He joined Steer Davies Gleave in 2013, bringing over 20 years of experience as a transportation planner with operational and technical expertise in passenger rail, toll and managed lanes, transit planning and travel demand forecasting.

  • Transit planning: Stefan has implemented models to optimize the performance of transit networks. His experience encompasses not only bus, light rail transit (LRT), and rapid transit, but also the planning and evaluation of intermodal transit hubs and infrastructure. He also has expertise in strategic planning for transit systems including bus, LRT and regional and long distance passenger rail projects.
  • Feasibility studies: Stefan has managed projects focusing on the financial impact and feasibility of new or improved modes of transportation, including transit and passenger rail, with a focus on long term development. He has experience analyzing the benefits and impacts of proposed projects to support project financing and strategic planning.
  • Service plans and operations: Stefan has a deep understanding of rail and transit operations, including a specific understanding of the interaction between rail transit hubs and connecting bus services. Not only has he modelled operations, but he has also performed environmental and socio-economic analysis concerning rail, LRT and bus projects. These studies have been the basis for stakeholders and authorities to expand and revise existing systems, apply for grants and move projects toward implementation.

Contact Stefan:

Mark Buckmaster, Associate (Boston, MA)

Mark joined Steer Davies Gleave in 2008, and since then has applied his knowledge across a wide range of different transport markets in the US and internationally. Mark relishes in the challenge of delivering successful outcomes across the transportation spectrum – from the finer details of local initiatives, to facilitating the development of multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects. His core aim is to provide clients with rigorous analytical outputs they can trust, coupled with pragmatic advice and strategic guidance which appreciates the implications in relation to wider scheme objectives, enabling clients to make informed decisions with confidence.

  • Demand and revenue forecasting: Mark is extensively involved in the design, development and testing of demand and revenue forecasting models across modes, with a particular focus on rail. Mark has led a range of large scale demand and revenue applications, including supporting a consortium through to preferred bidder stage for the NET Phase 2 tram concession, producing investment grade level forecasts for the proposed XpressWest High Speed Rail project and managing work producing forecasts for a proposed High Speed Rail line across the High Desert Corridor.
  • Spreadsheet modeling and statistical analysis: Mark has a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Excel, including VBA programming. He is also familiar with numerous other data packages and is highly proficient in statistical techniques. He is heavily involved in Steer Davie Gleave’s Spreadsheet Modeling Best Practice initiatives, taking a lead role in development initiatives.
  • Financial analysis: Mark is experienced in both detailed financial modeling and strategic business modeling. He has been involved in assessing the cash flow implications resulting from funding alternatives for the multi-billion dollar Abu Dhabi Metro scheme as well as in the development of business plans for a prospective airport operator in Brazil.

Contact Mark:

Lucile Kellis, Associate (Boston, MA)

Lucile leads Steer Davies Gleave’s transportation survey capability in North America, managing a range of transportation projects requiring rigorous application of econometrics skills. Lucile brings strong experience in transportation demand forecasting, having managed a variety of passenger rail ridership and revenue forecasting projects, and the survey efforts for multiple investment grade toll and managed lanes projects for both the public and private sector.

Lucile has extensive experience in managing rail ridership and revenue forecasting studies, evaluating the ridership, revenue, cost, and economic impacts of transportation systems. She is an expert in discrete choice modeling and behavioral analysis, and has significant experience in market research, survey design and statistical analysis of survey data for transportation projects.

  • Rail and urban transit project management: Lucile has managed multiple ridership and revenue forecasting studies for several high profile high-speed rail projects in North America. She has significant experience in travel demand forecasting, especially for rail projects through the application of 4-step travel demand models with an area of expertise in discrete route and mode choice modeling. 
  • Market research: Lucile is one of Steer Davies Gleave’s survey research experts – leading the design and analysis of stated preference survey projects in North America. Her specific areas of expertise include stated preference survey design for behavioral analysis, discrete choice modeling and willingness to pay estimation techniques. She has led multiple transportation survey studies to investigate the drivers of demand for different market segments.

Contact Lucile:

Pierre Vilain, Ph.D., Associate Director (New York, NY)

Pierre has worldwide expertise in infrastructure and regional economic policy formulation and advisory, including the analysis and appraisal of major infrastructure projects, transportation demand modelling, economic cost-benefit analysis, risk analysis and financial appraisal. In transportation or urban development policy, Pierre is an expert in the application of cost-benefit and micro-economic analysis to infrastructure issues.  

Pierre has been very active in P3s in infrastructure, where he has advised owners, sponsors and lenders. Other area of involvement has included transportation policy, principally in areas such as program evaluation, investment and strategic planning, and the incorporation of environmental impacts into decision-making. In this realm he has worked with transit agencies, municipalities, national governments and non-profit entities.

  • Transportation modelling: Pierre is a noted expert in the application of econometric techniques to transportation modelling, which he has applied in the context of numerous forecasting assignments for private and public sector clients. His expertise includes panel, discrete choice and time series modelling; and he also been extensively involved in developing innovative approaches merging econometric and network models
  • Regional and urban modelling: Pierre has developed models of regional and industry growth that have been used extensively in the development of forecasts of employment and population growth, transportation demand, and municipal tax revenues. He has also applied econometric techniques to assess the impacts on property values of transit accessibility changes. Pierre has worked extensively with regional and national input-output models, and has developed extensions to these models that have been applied to freight and inter-regional trade modelling. 
  • Cost-Benefit analysis and program evaluation: Pierre has applied cost-benefit analysis techniques to the evaluation of numerous projects and programs in his professional career. His expertise in this field is extensive, and he has developed cost-benefit analysis frameworks for the Port Authority of NY and NJ and the European Investment Bank.

Contact Pierre:

Les Buckman, Associate (Toronto, ON)

Les is an experienced transportation planner and project manager, with a strong record in the development of urban transit and rail projects, notably in the areas of ridership forecasting and project evaluation. He has worked on projects covering urban transit and rail (from high-speed to commuter rail), employing a variety of tools and techniques, from feasibility studies to providing evidence at public review. Les is well versed in the interactions between policy, project specification (including engineering, and transit and traffic operations), ridership forecasting and evaluation as it affects project development and implementation.

Throughout his extensive career, he has focused his technical skills on ridership forecasting and project evaluation for all modes (urban transit, rail and highway). He is particularly interested in seeing evaluation used as a tool to inform project development, to make the case for the project at the end of the development process.

  • Rail: Les brings his range of skills to the rail sector, notably in the realm of project and service development. He is able to utilize his knowledge of other disciplines (notably engineering and operations) to supplement his core skill of ridership forecasting and evaluation to develop overall project specifications.
  • Urban Transit: Les has significant experience working on ridership forecasting and evaluation, project development and project management for urban transit projects, notably light rail. His range of skills helps him understand the interfaces between the various technical disciplines and wider overall project development.

Contact Les:

Ian Sproul, Associate (Vancouver, BC)

Ian is an engineer specializing in rail based modes, with a background in corridor identification, corridor planning, design development and operations planning. Ian has experience in high-speed rail, commuter rail, metro, LRT, tram-train and streetcar, covering all stages of project development including initial feasibility, scheme development and evaluation, operational planning, operational and capital costs, concept design and procurement.

His breadth of experience has also enabled him to support alternative procurement approaches such as P3s, and allowed him to work for public agencies, bidders and lending institutions.

  • Long Range Planning: Ian has worked on a number of rail feasibility studies looking at a range of passenger rail, high-speed rail, metro, automated metro, tram, LRT, tram-train, and streetcar schemes. He has led the engineering and operational input on a large variety of rail schemes and has been responsible for the development and evaluation of the proposed solutions, optimizing the benefits achieved from the capital investment. His experience includes network and corridor evaluation, selection and concept design development.
  • Operations and Operations Planning: Ian brings nearly 20 years working in rail operations and maintenance in the UK, undertaking a wide number of roles covering operation, maintenance and equipment and system renewals. This extensive experience has allowed Ian to support the development and operations planning for high-speed rail, commuter rail, metro, LRT and streetcar systems for both clients and bidding consortia. This has included the development of operating and maintenance plans and detailed operating, maintenance and life-cycle costing over the life of projects.
  • Operating Cost Development: Ian has led the development of operating cost estimates for public and private sector clients for a number of rail schemes – including high-speed rail, commuter rail, metro, LRT, tram and streetcar systems. He has developed operating cost and fleet allocations models to assist in the evaluation of operating patterns and associated costs and benefits.

Contact Ian:

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