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Informed insight

Notes from the LA CoMotion Conference in Los Angeles

21 December 2017

Steer Davies Gleave was a sponsor for the LA CoMotion conference in Los Angeles’ Arts District on November 15-19. The unique five-day event brought together global leaders of the mobility revolution. With over 1,000 participants, 85 speakers and 50 exhibitors, the conference provided an immersive glimpse into the mobility revolution that is changing the way we move in an increasingly electric, connected and shared world.

Time of Drones, implementing legislation

22 January 2015

Reports that an unidentified civilian drone narrowly missed an Airbus A320 landing at Heathrow, highlight the relevance of the issue of liability and insurance of drones in Europe. Similar issues are also being addressed by regulators across the world.

Building a plan...or just planning to build?

22 August 2014

Many city and regional planning exercises begin with a big map on the table, a pack of marker pens in hand, and a predetermined conclusion that new infrastructure will be needed.

It’s not surprising that people instinctively jump to a mapping exercise: building new roads, bridges, tunnels, subways or light rail transit is an exciting prospect that can help improve mobility and reduce congestion and crowding. However, if we jump straight to identifying infrastructure as the “answer”, we may be missing a major opportunity to deliver benefits more quickly and affordably.

Transforming Quebec's passenger transportation offer

17 July 2013

Recent recruit Patrick Charpentier gives his views on transforming Quebec's passenger transportation offer

Informed Insight

12 July 2011

We have more data and information available to us than ever before, much of it available at a low cost. But keeping track of it all and working out how to make use of it can seem an overwhelming challenge. Where do you start? Sometimes it helps to get ideas from what others are doing. Here, Steer Davies Gleave introduces ‘Informed Insights’ – examples which we hope will illustrate and inspire how to make use of the data that is now all around us.

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