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Design for movement

The urban boulevard

16 February 2017

Once part of the famous Route 66, Colorado Boulevard is a major street in the Los Angeles region that has been greatly influenced by the automobile. However, the vocational use of this street is now shifting from a suburban car-driven model to a more urban, pedestrian-oriented one as cities densify, the mix of uses intensifies, and the craving for sociability rises. 

Movement Matters Los Angeles 2017

20 December 2016

Movement Matters is a series of meet-ups, presented by Steer Davies Gleave, exploring how transportation shapes and influences the cities we live in. 

Our first series of meet-ups take place in Los Angeles, where we share a program of insightful discussions on some of the most current topics in the industry, including technology, Mobility as a Service, behavior change, wayfinding systems, and transit funding. 

New wayfinding system for Toronto’s PATH

08 June 2016

Toronto’s PATH is the world’s largest underground retail complex connecting the office towers in Downtown Toronto, Canada, providing an important contribution to the economic viability of the city's downtown core. The system connects seamlessly with public transit, and experiences more than 200,000 business-day commuters, and thousands of additional tourists, visitors and residents.

SDG's Rugby World Cup journey planner wins the “Excellence in Travel Information and Marketing” award

07 March 2016

Steer Davies Gleave is extremely pleased to have been awarded the ‘Excellence in Travel Information and Marketing’ award in this year’s edition of the London Transport Awards. The prestigious ceremony was held on Thursday night at the Lancaster London Hotel, and recognises companies and individuals who are leading the way in making a real difference to transport across the city of London. 

Interchanges: beyond transport infrastructure, towards urban places

03 March 2015

Many of us use transport interchanges daily, but how often do we stop to consider their role beyond their basic function of going from one mode of transport to another?

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Our team will be interviewing on the ferries and at key transit hubs for @BostonHarborNow comprehensive water transport study. Pic below by @SDGworld

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