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Los Angeles City Council considers dockless mobility regulations

30 May 2018

Last week, LA City Council reviewed a plan prepared by LADOT to regulate dockless bike share, electric assist bicycles and electric scooters. New models of privately funded dockless bike share and escooters have proliferated throughout cities in the US in the last two years, presenting local governments with new opportunities for first/last mile solutions, as well as regulatory challenges.

Award-winning active modes

19 May 2016

In July 2015, Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) in Colorado unanimously adopted their Regional Nonmotorized Modes Plan. Steer Davies Gleave guided the development of the study from 2013 to 2015, with the intention of producing a plan that would not only make a difference in Pikes Peak, but also advance regional active modes planning across the USA.

Ex-Sustrans England Director Carl Pittam joins SDG

27 November 2015

Steer Davies Gleave is pleased to announce the appointment of Carl Pittam who joins SDG to develop our behaviour change, cycling, walking and urban realm capabilities. He joins as an Associate based in our London Planning team.  

Supporting SCAG's 'Go Human' active transportation campaign

16 November 2015

The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) is managing an Active Transportation Safety and Encouragement Campaign — Go Human — to reduce vehicle versus pedestrian and bicycle collisions whilst increasing levels of walking and biking in Southern California.  

Steer Davies Gleave is very excited to have been appointed to develop toolkits and deliver training to four audiences across the region: Elected Officials, Employers, Community Organizations and Transportation and Public Health professionals.  

SDG's tool for assessing cycling potential in North America

12 November 2015

Cycling is rapidly becoming the mode of choice for health and recreational activity; the health and environmental benefits of cycling are well understood and many local authorities are planning sizeable investments to improve cycling facilities within their jurisdictions. However, a question arises about how to target these investments for best returns. Many areas do not have a high cycling mode share, but might have the right mix of people and geography to make cycling an appealing option if certain steps were taken. 

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