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Paying for roads: time for a change?

05 December 2017

With the exception of a few tolled sections, the roads network is free at the point of use. This distorts economic signals and leads to excess demand. Moving to a revenue neutral ‘pay as you go’ system, using existing and developing GPS and fleet management systems, would provide a way to link usage and cost directly, leading to a more optimal use of the road and wider transportation network.

The ongoing evolution of car sharing

23 February 2015

Car sharing is booming in the US and new sharing frameworks are emerging to suit different user needs. Two significant changes to car sharing over the past few years include the introduction of both short, one-way journey car sharing (such as Car2Go) and informal ‘sharing economy’ car sharing (such as RelayRides). Both are enjoying an increase in use and popularity, and in the US, it’s easy to understand why. 

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Easing congestion in Latin America

23 January 2015

The experiences of European cities like London, Milan and Stockholm show that implementing a congestion charging scheme has a positive effect on road user behaviour leading to a better quality of life for residents. However, it also poses challenges for decision makers, technicians, the private sector and users.

In Latin America, where congestion levels are high and continuing to rise in its major cities, there is an opportunity to learn from European  methods to help reduce and manage the problem.

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The value of tolls in Hampton Roads

29 July 2013

You won’t find Hampton Roads on any map. It’s neither a city nor a town, yet it’s home to 1.7 million people. In actual fact, Hampton Roads is the name given to the metropolitan area of southeastern Virginia that is comprised of ten cities and five counties. Over 60 per cent of the population of the United States is within 750 miles of this stretch and it’s this locational advantage that gives businesses in the area a strategic edge.

Electric vehicles in 2025: Three visions

12 October 2012

Around a year ago (November 2011) we ran a survey comparing three visions for the future of Electric Vehicles and asking transport professionals to say which they thought would be the most likely to come about. We’re now re-running this survey to see how views have changed and would like to invite you to participate: all you need to do is read the three visions and vote for one of them. Then, if you like, you can also put forward your own vision.

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