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Developing a TDM Ordinance for the City of Carlsbad

25 January 2018

Steer Davies Gleave is working in partnership with the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) to develop a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program for the City of Carlsbad as a key strategy in meeting its Climate Action Plan (CAP) targets. The program, which includes the development of an ordinance, will also serve to mitigate the increased demand on the transportation network as a result of continued economic growth and promote more sustainable travel options for employees, residents, and visitors. The ordinance will also formalize the city’s development planning process as it relates supportive infrastructure requirements for new developments and the sustained implementation and monitoring of the program after occupation.

The work is divided into two phases over the course of 18 months. The first phase involved developing and conducting a series of TDM training workshops for city staff. The training series introduced the concept of TDM as a way for cities to manage growth without having to expand existing transportation infrastructure while identifying TDM strategies that would be most effective for those working in Carlsbad. Training materials were developed based on best practices from peer cities throughout the United States and input from staff.

Steer Davies Gleave has also assisted the City of Carlsbad by developing a customized commuter program, which outlines the multi-modal services and amenities that will be available to city staff. Initial analysis of employee travel patterns and behaviors was conducted to better understand staff interest in commuting to work using alternative modes and identify any barriers preventing mode shift. A comprehensive set of TDM strategies has been recommended to help ensure employees have the infrastructure and resources they need to try alternatives to driving alone.

Currently in the second phase of the project, Steer Davies Gleave is working with SANDAG and city staff from various departments to develop the language and guidelines for the city’s TDM Ordinance and supporting resources. The ordinance will be a city-wide policy which lays out the basic requirements for developers and businesses to build or operate within the city, respectively, while still allowing for flexibility in which TDM strategies are implemented at each worksite. An implementation manual and templates will also accompany the ordinance to explain the process and help businesses with compliance during the first few years following adoption.

Steer Davies Gleave is pleased to have the opportunity to help the SANDAG and City of Carlsbad meet their emissions targets, promote alternative modes of transportation, and ensure a high quality of life for residents, employees, and visitors.

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