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Movement Matters Los Angeles 2017

20 December 2016

Movement Matters is a series of meet-ups, presented by Steer Davies Gleave, exploring how transportation shapes and influences the cities we live in. 

Our first series of meet-ups take place in Los Angeles, where we share a program of insightful discussions on some of the most current topics in the industry, including technology, Mobility as a Service, behavior change, wayfinding systems, and transit funding. 

Packed full of innovative ideas and first-hand global experience, Movement Matters meet-ups provide a burst of fresh thinking without taking you out of the office for too long.

Here is a taste of our upcoming events:

Movement Matters: Beyond the trip planner

Topics discussed:

  • What is Mobility as a Service (MaaS)?
  • What are the benefits of an intelligent mobility platform?
  • How will this impact on traditional approaches to changing travel behavior?

Our relationship with transportation is changing. We are seeing a shift from personally-owned transportation towards mobility solutions that are consumed as part of a service.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions can not only connect commuters with the best transportation option for their daily journeys, it can also provide a constant stream of insight and intelligence to transit operators and city governments via an integrated data platform. It is hoped that this approach can better manage congestion in Southern California, as well as improving the health of its citizens. 

Our specially-selected expert panel will discuss the future of intelligent mobility, its benefits and how it will impact on transportation demand management, data insights, transit operations and whole journey information and payment systems.

Ashley Hand,
Co-Founder, CityFi
Alex Fay, Vice President, Syncromatics
Antoinette Meier, Transportation Demand Management Program Manager, SANDAG
Jennifer Dice, Sr. Digital Communications Manager, Sound Transit 

Movement Matters: Encouraging an active first and last mile

Topics discussed:

  • What does Measure M mean for Los Angeles?
  • How can we encourage people to get out of their cars?
  • First-hand experience in encouraging an active first and last mile journey

Now that the residents of Los Angeles have voted by 70% to support Measure M, $860 million will be brought in annually to fund transportation projects. This new sales tax will dramatically transform transportation in the region with funding dedicated to projects that will benefit people of all ages and abilities to walk and bike their journeys, as well as making first-and-last mile improvements in access to transit.

So now this measure has been approved by the electorate where should the funds be spent to get the best return — is the evidence from overseas? Will it make people get out of their cars and use transit? Will it improve the health of the community? Where is the money best spent to get the greatest benefit? Is there too much emphasis on the physical investment on improving infrastructure rather than the softer side of behavior change? 

Our expert panel will share first-hand experience in delivering first and last mile strategic plans, together with techniques for encouraging behavior change especially from a health perspective.

Ben Plowden,
Director, Strategy and Planning, Transport for London
Melani Smith,
University of South California
Tracy Bryars,
Healthy Communities Initiative Manager, St. Jude Medical Center

Movement Matters: Wayfinding

Topics discussed:

  • First-hand experience of delivering wayfinding systems in the city of Toronto
  • What are the economic benefits of such a project?
  • How would wayfinding work for Los Angeles?

Toronto’s PATH network is the world’s largest underground retail complex connecting the office towers in Downtown Toronto, Canada, providing an important contribution to the economic viability of the city's downtown core. The system connects seamlessly with public transit, and experiences more than 200,000 business-day commuters, and thousands of additional tourists, visitors and residents.

Expansion of the PATH since 2010 has resulted in an additional 700,000 square feet of retail space and generated $300 million in sales revenue. However, it is not known for being easy to navigate and a recent independent study quantified that for every 1% increase in regular PATH users, annual sales revenues would increase by $17 million.

Our expert speaker Evan Weinberg will share his experience of delivering Toronto’s PATH wayfinding system as a BIA working in partnership with the City of Toronto to deliver their city wayfinding system. Additionally, James Brown, Principal Consultant at Steer Davies Gleave, will discuss how consistent and user-centered design can lead to an enhanced customer experience.

Evan Weinberg,
Policy and Advocacy Manager, Toronto Financial District BIA
James Brown,
Principal Consultant, Steer Davies Gleave 

*Please note, the program and speakers are subject to change

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