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Rachel Forseth presented at ACT’s Employer Program webinar

20 February 2018

Sponsored by the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) Employer Council, Steer Davies Gleave Consultant Rachel Forseth and fellow presenters conducted a webinar on February 20th at 2 pm (EST). The presentation focused on Transportation Demand Management (TDM) techniques for employers and municipalities to leverage technology and enhance communication to connect employees to sustainable commute options.

As technology continues to advance, TDM customers expect tailored solutions specific to their needs. The session discussed how to create long-term behavior change through scalable strategies that utilize customized data and integrated solutions to enhance communication and link commuters to their best commute choice.

Participants learned how to: identify which programs to invest in with the highest value, pair various communication tools to engage users, and utilize digital tools to create meaningful relationships with their customers, employees, or clients.

About Rachel Forseth

Rachel is an advocate for the importance of reducing single occupancy trips and is passionate about using creative marketing and unique strategies to create large-scale, sustainable behavior change. Rachel is an Account Executive at iCommute, SANDAG’s TDM program that helps employers, schools and the public understand their alternative travel options. She works closely with large employers in the region to help them identify the transportation needs of their employees, and then provides support as they develop multi-modal commute options for their employees. The goal is to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicle commutes by increasing awareness and participation in sustainable transport options.
Rachel has also worked on various Personalized Transportation Planning (PTP) projects on the West Coast, including in Santa Cruz, Seattle and San Diego. She also helped Steer Davies Gleave kick-off work on goDCgo, Washington D.C.’s TDM program.

In case you missed it, check out the recorded webinar here.

Rachel Forseth

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