Meet some of our key Transportation Demand Management (TDM) team leaders

04 January 2018

Steer Davies Gleave is focused on the planning and development of transportation programs that encourage the use of sustainable alternatives and reduce drive alone trips and vehicle miles traveled (VMT). As a firm, we understand that a highly efficient multi-modal transportation system, seamlessly integrated with surrounding land use and the urban realm, will ultimately achieve meaningful transportation behavior change.

Our team brings extensive experience developing and activating Transportation Management Organizations (TMO) and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs, as well as planning and implementing individualized marketing campaigns, including Personal Travel Planning (PTP), to change travel behaviour.

Highlighted below are a few of our key team leaders for TDM and behavior change. Reach out to them to learn how Steer Davies Gleave can help provide powerful answers to your complex questions.

Lisa Buchanan, Director & Head of US Planning (Los Angeles, CA)

Lisa is an expert in travel behavior change with over 20 years of experience developing and implementing programs to reduce car use. She has advised local, regional and central governments in the US, UK, and Australia, as well as private sector clients across a broad spectrum of behavior change studies. Through her work she has developed an excellent understanding of how change can best be effected and has a track record successfully delivering sustained levels of modal shift away from the car. Lisa has led the company’s TDM activity since 2003 and built a dedicated team of professionals with unparalleled experience who deliver across the full range of TDM activities in the US and UK.

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Geoff England, Associate (Vancouver, BC)

Geoff’s experience spans TDM plans at the strategic level and the implementation and delivery of TDM programs themselves. Geoff has a comprehensive understanding of how to influence mode shift through behavior change initiatives including shared mobility, flexible working, public transit incentives, development planning guidelines, employer programs, marketing campaigns, parking management and other demand management initiatives. He brings a background in urban planning, sustainable development and transportation planning, utilizing this knowledge to facilitate more integrated and flexible approaches to mobility for public and private sector clients.

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Bronwen Keiner, Principal Consultant (Los Angeles, CA)

Bronwen has 10 years of experience developing and implementing outreach programs throughout Los Angeles County for multiple major transportation corridor studies, programs and initiatives. She has a range of experience developing strategies to reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips through TDM programming. As Director for Go Glendale (Glendale TMA), she is leading TMA administration and day-to-day operations and membership services, Board relations and membership development. She is also developing Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) training materials with the GoSaMo TMO to assist employers with their trip reduction plans and helping to implement the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District’s pilot TDM Action Plan.

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Destree Lazo Bascos, Principal Consultant (San Diego, CA)

Destree brings over 14 years of experience in marketing and communications, transportation demand management and community outreach. Destree works as the Program Manager of Shift San Diego, a program designed to reduce traffic congestion around the Interstate 5/Genesee Avenue Interchange Project and other transportation improvements planned or underway in the Golden Triangle community. Destree’s work managing community outreach, media buy campaigns and providing employers with transportation solutions has led Shift to grow to over 20% of the total iCommute accounts in San Diego County.

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Patrick Miller, Principal Consultant (Toronto, ON)

As a transportation consultant, Patrick brings experience conducting strategic planning, evaluation and business case analysis to advance effective transportation solutions for complex urban/regional challenges. He has conducted evaluations and business cases for regional transportation strategies/plans, travel demand management, fare strategies/policies, rapid transit, regional rail, and High Speed Rail. Across these projects, Patrick has applied innovative techniques to develop robust business cases and strategies that communicate how transportation solutions enable cities and regions to become more sustainable, livable and economically competitive. Patrick has led the evaluation, analysis and management of various TDM plans.

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Puja Thomas-Patel, Senior Consultant (Santa Monica, CA)

Puja brings expertise in TDM with a specific focus on utilizing public health techniques to encourage individuals to travel more sustainably. She has over 10 years of experience in marketing, public relations and transportation on both the consultant and federal policy side, including working as a transportation policy aide for a Congressman in Washington, D.C. Currently Puja serves as the Executive Director of the Santa Monica TMO (Go SaMo), working with commuters, residents and visitors to reduce drive alone trips across Santa Monica.

Contact Puja:

Charlie Draycott, Senior Consultant (Vancouver, BC)

Charlie is passionate about encouraging sustainable travel choices, for both health and environmental benefits. She has been involved in numerous behavior change projects, including commuter challenges, personalized travel planning and Bikeability, UK’s national cycle training scheme. Her work ranges from company- and city-wide commuter challenges to large scale Personal Travel Planning (PTP) projects. Throughout many of these projects, Charlie has led stakeholder engagement with local residents, businesses and transportation operators. She has also produced both qualitative and quantitative research for TDM projects, including monitoring household survey data for PTP projects.

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Julia Wean, Senior Consultant (Los Angeles, CA)

Julia has experience managing programming for a TMA and working with 30+ member companies to achieve their mobility goals. She has administered commuter assistance programs, such as Guaranteed Ride Home and Carpool Matching, and managed the distribution of communication material to shuttle riders through email and social media platforms. She is also knowledgeable of all requirements under SCAQMD’s Rule 2202 and has experience working with employee transportation coordinators to ensure their transportation plans are SCAQMD compliant.

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Kate Bridges, Senior Consultant (Los Angeles, CA)

Kate has a range of experience developing strategies to reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips through TDM programming. As Program Administrator for Go Glendale (Glendale TMA), she has assisted with TMA administration and developed effective commuter benefits programs for employers and multi-tenant commercial/residential properties based on surveys and stakeholder outreach. Kate also helped write the regional trails connections study for the South Denver TMA, a multi-jurisdictional effort intended to link local bicycle plans and improve connections to existing and proposed transit stations, and worked to develop Active Transportation Toolkits for the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG).

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Prachi Vakharia, Affiliate (Washington D.C.)

Prachi brings a rich background working at the intersection of transportation demand management, technology and transportation policy. Her work spans policy review for the public sector and business development and growth consulting for transportation technology start-ups, including rideshare platforms. Prachi has also been actively involved in the National Academy of Sciences, Transportation Research Board, and SAE International, building standards and best practices for emerging mobility solutions and technologies including shared and autonomous vehicles, mobility on demand systems, and providing insight and reviews for the journal, Transportation Policy. Her understanding of transportation policies at the public level and insight into the private sector gives her the unique ability to holistically understand mobility opportunities and trends. Currently, Prachi supports Steer Davies Gleave in the planning division and is deployed to work with goDCgo, a division of the District Department of Transportation.

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Angie Ning, Consultant (Toronto, ON)

Angie is a transportation planner committed to exploring and implementing both public transportation and shared mobility strategies for the development of sustainable cities. She utilizes her knowledge and skills in municipal planning, sustainable transportation and transit planning to facilitate integrated and flexible approaches to public mobility for local and regional governments. Angie’s experience with transportation demand management stems from her work in planning and delivering employer TDM programs for the Region of Durham. Angie has a wide-ranging understanding of how to influence mode shift through behavior change initiatives. Her direct experience includes providing hands-on program delivery, employer/client acquisition, marketing, and communications.

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Jenny Hong, Consultant (Los Angeles, CA)

Jenny has an interest in improving the connection between transportation and sustainable land use to motivate behavior change and improve our communities. As the Outreach Administrator for Go Glendale (Glendale TMA), she supports daily operations, including managing employer outreach, administering commuter benefits programs, and assisting with the implementation of TDM plans for TMA members. Jenny is also currently assisting with the development of a TDM Ordinance for the City of Carlsbad, CA, and is engaging with the community of Mill Creek, WA, to promote sustainable transportation alternatives.

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Erika Saari, Consultant (San Diego, CA)

Erika is a bilingual and bicultural professional with experience in marketing, customer relations, business development, project management, and product adaptation into new markets. As a consultant for the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and their iCommute TDM program, she develops and executes outreach efforts to engage large employers in the San Diego area. She creates and implements customized and sustainable commuter solutions to help employers address their transportation needs and challenges.

Contact Erika:

Valerie Juguilon, Consultant (San Diego, CA)

Valerie specializes in employer outreach, TDM and data collection/market analysis. As an Account Executive for SANDAG’s TDM program, iCommute, she works closely with large employers in the region to help them identify the transportation needs of their employees, and then provides support as they develop multi-modal commute options. Valerie uses Motivational Interviewing and Question Based Selling techniques to engage employers and a data-driven approach to prioritize strategic tactics and ensure measurable success.

Contact Valerie:  

Rachel Forseth, Consultant (San Diego, CA)

Rachel is an advocate for the importance of reducing single vehicle trips and is passionate about TDM. She works as an Account Executive for SANDAG’s iCommute program, helping employers, schools and the public understand their alternative travel options. Rachel works closely with large employers in the region to help them identify the transportation needs of their employees, and then provides support as they develop multi-modal commute options for their employees. Rachel has also worked on various Personalized Travel Planning (PTP) projects in Santa Cruz, Seattle and San Diego, and helped kick-off Steer Davie’s work on goDCgo, Washington D.C.’s TDM program.

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Lindsey Bullen, Consultant (Washington D.C.)

Lindsey is a community planner with a passion for utilizing research and policy to create more livable neighborhoods. Her background includes homeless and poverty research to recognize best practices, measure success, and support impactful policies. She has also done extensive research on transportation’s impacts on neighborhoods and studied historic community involvement in redevelopment efforts. Lindsey helps lead the goDCgo TDM program in Washington D.C., as a Client Services Manager working on employer outreach.

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Nathan Pope, Assistant Consultant (Santa Monica, CA)

Nathan is a mobility planner with a passion for TDM. He brings experience fostering sustainable behavior change and conducting outreach campaigns. Nathan is able to quickly, effectively develop relationships with diverse stakeholders, local officials and the general public. He is currently a Coordinator for the Santa Monica TMO (Go SaMo), where he facilitates learning sessions for employers, residents and visitors on transportation options and technologies. He also conducts personalized transportation planning efforts and community audits.

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