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Transport planning and operational delivery for England 2015 Rugby World Cup

England Rugby 2015 Ltd

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Our Role

Steer Davies Gleave was commissioned by England Rugby 2015 (ER2015), to be the Official Transport Planners for the Rugby World Cup. We provided detailed planning and operational advice over a two year period to ensure that the world’s third largest ticketed event would be a transport success.

How we did it

The transport operation at each stadium was informed by the transport demand forecasts from the ‘TRACME’ forecasting tool developed by SDG. This model predicted expected origin / destination and travel mode choices of spectators for each of the 48 RWC matches. The forecasts contained within TRACME were then used as the base upon which to develop a Venue Transport Operation Plan (VTOP) for each venue and to inform stadium transport providers about changes to the expected demand profile for each transport mode. Through the analysis of transport demand and available capacity for each mode of transport serving each venue, we were able to identify what transport capacity was required for each match and advise on transport strategies appropriate to each venue.

The production of SDG’s VTOP for each of the stadium operations meant that ER2015 could confidently recruit a series of City Transport Managers to implement each VTOP, knowing that each VTOP was developed with the same consistent approach. Because of the extremely complex nature of Twickenham as a venue, a team of SDG staff were commissioned to manage the implementation of the Venue Transport Plan and operate the venue during the tournament.

SDG developed a radical transport strategy that closed the A316, the main southwest London arterial road, to facilitate a park and ride, shuttle bus and coach parking operation. SDG staff, designed, procured and managed the installation of all local area traffic management plans as well as the strategic diversion plans which extended to Highways England’s network, including the M3, M4 and M25. We also designed and operated the Resident Access and Parking Permit scheme (RAPP’s) as well as the Vehicle Access and Parking Permit (VAPP) scheme, which entitled accredited vehicles to gain access through a series of Vehicle Permit Checkpoints (VPC’s).

The additional bus shuttle and park & ride operations necessary to meet the demand were also designed and implemented by the Stadium team. SDG designed all associated overlay requirements including barrier plans, temporary surfaces and directional signage as well as planning the staffing needs to operate each element of the plan. 

On each Match Day, three seconded SDG staff controlled a team of over 30 volunteers from ‘The Pack’, 60 paid support staff and a traffic team of 200 certified operators. SDG controlled all vehicle movements around the stadium and the entry of all accredited vehicles.

The transport operation at Twickenham for the Rugby World Cup was recognised as a resounding success. Steer Davies Gleave is delighted to have received the following reference from England 2015.

“Steer Davies Gleave provided a wide range of transport consultancy services to England Rugby 2015 Ltd for two years between September 2013 and November 2015. From start to finish their staff were passionate about delivering the best possible transport operation and were a trusted resource that provided exactly what was needed, when it was needed. SDG were innovative in their thinking and creative in delivering cost-effective solutions to complex transport issues and were an invaluable partner to England Rugby 2015 in the delivery of the tournament”. — Mick Wright, Head of Tournament Services

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