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TDM program and outreach strategy for Berkeley

City of Berkeley

TDM, Transportation Demand Management

Steer Davies Gleave developed and is implementing the goBerkeley transportation demand management (TDM) program. The program is aimed at promoting sustainable transportation to employers and employeer, while also promoting new and efficient parking pricing policies in three Downtown Berkeley commercial areas.

Our role

Steer Davies Gleave was appointed to support the development of a pilot TDM and parking program for the City of Berkeley.

The goal of the pilot project is to reduce congestion in three of Berkeley's commercial areas – Downtown Berkeley, Southside/Telegraph and Elmwood – by providing travel choices to residents, businesses and visitors of those areas.

How we did it

We developed and are implementing an outreach strategy for employers and shoppers which will raise awareness of parking changes, opportunities to travel by sustainable modes, and the benefits and incentives of both. Two key elements of the outreach strategy include the goBerkeley program brand and the program website.

The "goBerkeley" program brand was developed to help to communicate the sustainable travel message and will be applied to a wide range of collateral, including a website and printed material. The brand was was created to reflect the essence of Berkeley lifestyles and the positive aspects of sustainable travel. It will encompass both the TDM and parking aspects of the pilot program and be the focal point for improved transportation options and choice in and around Downtown Berkeley.

We are also currently developing the project website at which will act as the information hub for the program, including resources, updates and events.

The outreach strategy will also include engagement with local employers and employees to promote sustainable modes through face-to-face meetings, event participation and e-communication. The strategy is being developed with stakeholder input to most effectively communicate TDM and parking benefits to employees, residents and visitors.

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