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Planning Edmonton’s urban-style, city-scale LRT expansion

City of Edmonton

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Edmonton LRT, LRT expansion, Urban-style LRT, Canada LRT

The City of Edmonton updated their Downtown Plan, setting out guidelines for the short to medium term development of the downtown core and surrounding downtown districts.

The Capital City Downtown Plan also identifies the importance of shifting transportation mode share, a goal which is supported by their extensive plans to expand LRT in the city.

An element of this expansion is the development of a new downtown low-floor LRT network connecting the new radial LRT routes, and serving the downtown areas of the city.

Our role

Steer Davies Gleave was retained by the City of Edmonton to identify and develop the alignments for the new LRT routes through the downtown in conjunction with the preparation of the Capital City Downtown Plan.

How we did it

The development of the downtown LRT alignments followed previous work undertaken by Steer Davies Gleave which looked at the development of the complete LRT network, the proposals for a wider downtown LRT network and identifying potential routes through the downtown.

It included:

  • Coordinating the development of the Downtown Plan and LRT proposals
  • Reviewing the downtown context in relation to the existing built environment, transit and road infrastructure
  • Identifying areas where the LRT would support the Downtown Plan
  • Reviewing stop locations and arrangements
  • Developing potential alignment options and reviewing potential wider traffic circulation, serving and access impacts
  • Recommending preferred route of the LRT
  • Developing a preliminary LRT design
  • Supporting the City of Edmonton through the consultation and adoption of the proposed LRT corridor by the Council
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