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King County community engagement program review

King County Metro

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community engagement, TDM, transportation demand management

The In Motion Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program has been successful in changing travel behavior in the King County region for almost ten years. It has evolved over the past decade to provide greater focus of specific neighborhoods, market segments and partnerships. Recently the county saw the opportunity to review and develop a strategy to increase participation in the program.

Our role

Steer Davies Gleave was retained by King Country Metro to undertake a review of the In Motion program, and provide recommendations on how to increase program participation, maximize program cost efficiency and continue to be a model for community based social marketing (CBSM) techniques throughout the United States.

How we did it

Our approach to reviewing the In Motion TDM program comprised of three phases:

  1. Gathering data by speaking to key stakeholders
  2. Conducting a strategic review of the existing program in the form of a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) assessment, and then refining this at a stakeholder workshop
  3. Developing a strategy and set of recommendations to implement – the stakeholder workshop and the SWOT assessment was used as guidance to develop clear and implementable recommendations for enhancing program effectiveness

Our recommendations include:

  • Re-branding to refresh the look of the program and attract new participants
  • Adopting new techniques for neighborhood selection in order to target households that were more likely to participate in the program and make travel behavior changes
  • New engagement strategies were developed for low English proficiency households and cultural groups to increase inclusiveness of the In Motion program
  • Strengthening local partnerships to create a legacy of sustainable travel in In Motion neighborhoods

Steer Davies Gleave is now supporting King County Metro to implement two new In Motion projects in Renton and Burien, which include the implementation of several recommendations from the review.

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