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Golden Ears Bridge traffic and revenue forecasts


Golden Ears Bridge, traffic revenue forecasts, Vancouver transportation

Vancouver’s new Golden Ears Bridge is expected to reduce travel times across the river by at least 20-30 minutes.

Our role

With a network of rivers, inlets and creeks crisscrossing Greater Vancouver, navigating the region can be a real challenge.

The Gateway Program was created  to reduce the impacts of regional congestion and improve the movement of people,  goods and transit throughout Metro Vancouver. Steer Davies Gleave was brought on board from the start and has been advising on several projects including the Golden Ears Bridge, a six-lane toll bridge that will link the communities north and south of the Fraser River.

How we did it

We initially developed investment grade traffic forecasts for the bridge. To predict the impacts that the construction of the new bridge and other associated Gateway Program schemes (such as the Port Mann Bridge and South Fraser Perimeter Road) would have across the region, an updated and well-validated regional transportation model was required.

We developed the regional transportation model and in the process managed an extensive new data collection across Vancouver. Surveys included state of the art ‘willingness to pay’ surveys to understand the impact of bridge tolling on driver route choice and the costs that people attribute to time savings. Further work undertaken included the review of tolling structures and toll levels and providing advice on the tolling technology implications. 

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