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Expanding LRT to achieve the City vision for Edmonton

Canada - City of Edmonton

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Developing an urban scale, city style LRT network will help Edmonton to achieve its vision of a liveable and sustainable 21st century city.

The City of Edmonton developed an ambitious five-line light rail transit (LRT) expansion plan to enhance the existing LRT system which opened in the late 1970’s. The plan includes concurrent planning and development of extensions and new routes. 

Our role

With all of this work developing in parallel, Steer Davies Gleave was retained by the City of Edmonton to provide an overall coordination role and to ensure that the projects were integrated.

It included:

  • Development of a vision, aims and objectives
  • Network-wide specification
  • Network-wide operations planning
  • Urban design guidelines
  • Multiple account business case assessments

How we did it

The existing high-floor LRT, with its two-kilometre station spacing, is largely suburban in style, relying heavily on bus transfers and park and ride.

One of the significant recommendations made by Steer Davies Gleave was to move the system towards an urban style LRT to support more compact urban communities and provide a closer fit with the City’s Vision. This will provide greater connectivity to people and places and a better fit with the land use and transit-oriented development.

Other recommendations of our work included:

  • Adding stations to existing lines
  • Stops planned in conjunction with TOD
  • Improving local pedestrian, cycle and bus connectivity

We also suggested switching to low-floor vehicles for all new, future lines and creating two overlapping high and low-floor networks, each with three radial corridors to provide additional downtown capacity and enable the creation of smaller, better connected stops which are well integrated within the surrounding community.

The development of this integrated wider network will better connect Edmonton’s people to its major employment, recreation, education and shopping destinations, significantly improving the ease of movement around the city, reducing the dependence on the private car and helping  to meet the city’s objectives.

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