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Delivering world class public transport interchange

Transport For London

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Transport for London’s Interchange Best Practice Guidelines has been comprehensively updated by Steer Davies Gleave to ensure better integration of London’s public transport, and ultimately improve the consistency and quality of the planning, design and operation of interchanges.

Public transport can add real value to the city, and interchanges can play a key role in achieving this added value. The Interchange Best Practice Guidelines 2009 have been developed to provide a springboard for London to achieve this added value and to further raise the standard of advice and guidance to those within Transport for London and their delivery partners, including the London boroughs.

Our role

Steer Davies Gleave was commissioned to update the 2001 guidelines document as changes in public transport meant that the guidelines required a full review and update to meet with raised customer expectations, improved standards and current legislation.

How we did it

To develop the guidance, we:

  • Conducted a comprehensive review of current guidance and policy related to interchange
  • Met with over 50 stakeholder groups across London including Design for London, Borough Partnerships, IDAG, CABE, DfT and TfL Directorates
  • Reviewed interchange facilities in key UK and European cities including London, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Berlin, Madrid and Amsterdam

The updated Guidelines presents a question based approach to interchange design and is a practical tool for those involved in the planning, design and operation of transport interchanges. It provides a framework for evaluation of the quality of existing and proposed transport interchanges, based on established appraisal techniques, and forms the basis of all interchange design briefs issued by Transport for London.

The guidelines have been published in two parts:

  • A printed quick reference guide – setting out top level principles and the key questions related to interchange design
  • A website ( – with detailed guidance on each key question, case studies, and links to existing detailed design guidance from TfL and other bodies
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