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Citywide ferry study in New York


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Steer Davies Gleave led a team of consultants to conduct a comprehensive analysis of existing and potential ferry services in the New York Harbor. The analysis included both ridership and revenue modeling as well as a detailed analysis of all economic benefits that would be attributable to any implemented route. 

Our team developed a forecasting model based on data from the American Community Survey and updated with real estate development plans from the City of New York. Based on this, we developed a unique clustered zoning system to define catchment areas with accurate access times, and applied local mode choice parameters. Using the model, we worked with the client to evaluate the financial solvency of various routes and operating scenarios. 

Part of our work included a detailed analysis of ridership and revenue for a potential ferry service linking several Manhattan and Brooklyn locations with LaGuardia Airport. We also developed an economic model to calculate the user benefits and wider economic benefits that would follow from any implemented route. 

Steer Davies Gleave's recommendations have been the basis for the ongoing expansion of ferry services in New York City, leading to a more than doubling of the successful East River Ferry Service.

You can read the Citywide Ferry Study here.

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