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Application for the redevelopment of the Shell Centre, London

Braeburn Estates

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Steer Davies Gleave provided transport planning services for the major redevelopment of the Shell Centre site in Central London. The redevelopment received planning permission from Lambeth Council in 2013.

Our role

Steer Davies Gleave was commissioned to provide Transport Planning services to support the planning application for the mixed use redevelopment of the Shell Centre site which included approximately 85,000 sqm of new office space, 7,000 sqm of new retail space, 3,000 sqm of new community and leisure floor space and up to 800 new residential units.

Alongside of the technical planning assessments we also developed detailed highway proposals for Belvedere Road, Chicheley Street and York Road and reconfigured the existing London Underground Southbank Ticket Hall.

How we did it

To encourage greater pedestrian connectivity and permeability we worked closely with the masterplanning team to produce detailed shared surface and shared space highway proposals along Belvedere Road and Chicheley Street that would encourage pedestrian permeability whilst retaining their current function as a place for coach parking, bus stops, and taxi drop-offs.

To complement the redevelopment proposals we designed and modelled an innovative ‘double pedestrian crossing’ facility on York Road directly outside of the main entrance to Waterloo Station. This new crossing facility will double the available space for pedestrians to cross York Road and encourage greater permeability through the Shell Centre site with minimal impact to traffic along York Road.

The London Underground Southbank Ticket Hall is situated within the existing boundary of the Shell Centre site. As a result we provided passenger capacity assessments to mitigate the impacts of the London Underground Station during the construction period. We also assisted in the redesign of the Ticket Hall for completion which will increase passenger capacity through the Station and provide significant improvements to accessibility and wayfinding.

Continued coordination and consultation with Transport for London, the London Borough of Lambeth, local business stakeholders and local residents enabled us to develop proposals that would effectively balance the needs of a wide variety of existing users whilst providing first class facilities for future tenants, employees and visitors of the completed development.

This new arrangements will also facilitate substantial changes to pedestrian movement on the South Bank by significantly easing pedestrian movement between Waterloo Station and the various attractions along the South Bank riverside.


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