What is Steer Davies Gleave?

Steer Davies Gleave is an independent consultancy working worldwide across the transportation sector. Our consultants have established an enviable reputation as effective advisors to government, operators, financiers, regulators and developers.

Who owns Steer Davies Gleave?

We are independently owned, which enables us to focus on our own twin objectives:

  • To establish and maintain a strong commercial base for the company, and
  • To provide a positive, nurturing environment where employees can develop their skills and experience

What does it mean to be an independent company?

Our independence guarantees impartiality and ensures that efforts are always focused on meeting client needs. We focus on customer value and developing our skills through training programs and knowledge sharing, with emphasis on investing in our staff and business.

What kind of people are you looking for?

The quality of our people is a vital asset and we are constantly on the lookout for high-caliber talented individuals with the ability and confidence to thrive in a dynamic, forward thinking, innovative environment.

Do recent graduates require previous work experience?

No, prior work experience is not a prerequisite.

Are there any specific requirements for applicants?

We require all applicants to have obtained a college degree in a relevant discipline. Previous work experience is beneficial but not essential.

What locations recruit recent graduates?

We recruit recent graduates through our Boston office for all locations within the United States and through our Vancouver office for all locations within Canada — find out more about our graduate program
We also recruit graduates to our UK offices — find out more about our UK graduate program.

What training does Steer Davies Gleave provide?

We take the personal development of our staff very seriously, and offer a range of training courses, coaching and seminars to ensure we are doing all we can to assist you in your personal and professional development. We also run an internal technical training program featuring courses led by industry experts.

Do you accept applications from people who require a work permit?

Yes. If you are successful, we will apply for a work permit on your behalf.

What opportunities are there to travel?

As an international company with 16 offices worldwide, opportunities for travel can come up. We also encourage our employees to apply for foreign vacancies if they are interested and have the appropriate language skills.

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