Key people

Management team

Hugh Jones — Chief Executive Officer

Hugh JonesAs CEO, Hugh leads the company and has overall accountability for its performance, the use of its assets, protection of the company’s core values and the development and achievement of its strategic goals. Hugh joined the firm from London Underground in 1999. Early in his career, he successfully led Steer Davies Gleave’s Transactions & Strategy division, leading it to be amongst the most successful divisions of the business and was instrumental in the development of the company's capability in the provision of commercial advice to the transportation sector.

Steve Hewitt — Chief Operating Officer

Stephen Hewitt

Steve's career in transportation and consultancy spans more than 30 years. His experience includes high-level roles at Eurostar (Head of Strategic Planning) and Railtrack (Head of London Project Development) before joining Steer Davies Gleave in 2001. As the Chief Operating Officer, Steve is responsible for ensuring the capability of the company is employed to deliver growth and excellent consultancy, and alongside Hugh Jones, is responsible for the development of the company strategy. Steve is also Regional Director for North America and is jointly located in London and Toronto, where his responsibility is to drive forward Steer Davies Gleave’s growth strategy for the USA and Canada.

Ian Druce — Head of Canada

Ian DruceIan Druce is the Head of Canada and Office Leader for Steer Davies Gleave’s Vancouver office. He is an experienced transportation planner and has been a key player in the growth of the company in North America, having spent time in both the London and Vancouver offices since joining in 2003. Ian specializes in urban transit projects, such as the LRT Expansion Plan for the City of Edmonton and the UBC Line Rapid Transit Alternatives Study for TransLink in Vancouver, BC. 

Masroor Hasan — Head of US Advisory
Masroor HasanMasroor Hasan is the Head of SDG’s Advisory division in the US. Masroor has previously led passenger rail consulting for Steer Davies Gleave’s US operation since its inception and has directed, managed and played key roles in many high-speed and intercity passenger rail, as well as commuter rail studies in the United States. He has over 18 years of transportation experience with more than 15 years' consulting experience, mainly specializing in travel demand forecasting for passenger rail services. He has managed and led many sizeable projects starting from scoping to completion.

Lisa Buchanan — Head of US Planning
Lisa BuchananLisa Buchanan is Head of SDG’s Planning division in the US. Lisa is an expert in travel behavior change with over 18 years’ experience of developing and implementing programs to reduce car use and has advised local, regional and central government in the USA, UK and Australia, as well as private sector clients across a broad spectrum of behavior change studies. 


Key consultants


Stephen Van Beek — Head of NA Aviation, Washington D.C.

Stephen Van BeekStephen has a distinguished career as a professor, senior government official and management consultant focusing on policy and regulatory services as well as strategic and business planning. He has represented all US and Canadian commercial service airports and has provided advisory services to over 50 US airports. Stephen will provide business and strategic planning as well as policy and regulatory services. He will deliver advisory services to airports and commercial aviation companies, working with clients to deliver system-level solutions in the area of surface transportation and intermodal access. 

Alan Jones — Director, Canada

Alan JonesAlan is a qualified transportation planner specialising in the development and delivery of transport strategies and urban transit projects. He has over thirty years’ experience working with a wide range of clients, leading multi-disciplinary planning and design teams to deliver high-quality integrated transport solutions. 


Pierre Vilain — Associate Director, New York

Pierre VilainPierre is an economist whose professional career has focused on regional economic policy, in particular relating to issues of transportation and urban development. His advisory work has involved the analysis and appraisal of major infrastructure projects, transportation demand modelling, economic cost-benefit analysis. Pierre has been very active in the development of econometric modelling applications to transportation demand, and has worked for both public and private sector clients on projects involving transit, roads, transit and aviation. Pierre leads our New York office, where clients include regional transportation agencies as well as private sector entities involved in public-private partnerships in infrastructure. Pierre has a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania and an MA from New York University.


David Cuneo — Associate Director, Boston

Dave CuneoDavid leads Steer Davies Gleave’s US Traffic and Revenue forecasting work. He is a skilled traffic modeler who has led many traffic and revenue studies, ranging from feasibility to investment grade. His recent project experience includes a focus on toll roads, bridges, managed lanes, and seasonal toll facilities, and he has presented these forecasts to interested parties, including rating agencies, TIFIA, potential investors, and the public. David works with a range of clients and is a trusted advisor to public and private sector clients alike. 


Craig Nelson — Associate, Los Angeles

Craig NelsonCraig has worked in the transportation industry for ten years, specializing in technology solutions for transportation. Craig has managed numerous innovative technical projects in North America and the UK, including multi-modal travel information websites that involve multi-stakeholder contributions, open source data feeds (including transit and traffic), interactive maps and bespoke software development. Craig is also interested in the ‘internet of things’ and how connected and driverless vehicles could provide safer and more efficient ways to travel in cities.

Dan Gomez-Duran — Associate, Vancouver

Dan Gomez-DuranDan has 20 years’ experience in transport consultancy focusing on forecasting, traffic engineering and the economic evaluation of transportation infrastructure. He has been involved in a range of transit and road forecasting studies in the UK, Canada and the US for public and private sector clients and this experience is complemented with extensive experience in the economic evaluation and development of business cases for transportation projects. 


Dennis Fletcher — Associate, Toronto

Dennis FletcherDennis is an experienced transit and transportation planner with more than 30 years’ experience in the transit and transportation industry, specialising in community-based transit and transportation solutions that emphasize innovation, coordination and mobility. He has extensive transit planning, operations and paratransit management experience, particularly for small transit and rural systems. Dennis has a successful record of communicating complex ideas and developing consensus around innovative solutions with transit agencies, including extensive stakeholder engagement. 


Elisa Tejedor — Head of Business Development North America, Los Angeles

Elisa TejedorElisa is an Associate with more than 16 years’ experience at Steer Davies Gleave and has worked in the London and Madrid office and is currently leading our Advisory offer in Canada. Elisa has managed transport projects across the globe in the road, rail, transit, sea and air sectors. She has worked both for the Public and Private sector focusing on business strategy, transportation optimization, demand and revenue forecasting, infrastructure finance and project management. 


Geoff England — Associate, Vancouver

Geoff EnglandGeoff has a background in urban planning, sustainability and transportation demand management and has worked in Canada, the US and the UK as a transportation planner. At Steer Davies Gleave, Geoff has used his knowledge and skills in strategic planning, sustainable transportation and transit planning to facilitate more integrated and flexible approaches to public mobility for clients in local and regional government. Recent projects have involved transit facility design, transportation demand management, rapid transit corridor analyses and multi-modal integration within transit-oriented communities. 


Harold Sich — Associate, Toronto

Harold Sich

Harold joins our Toronto office bringing 30 years’ of experience in planning, environmental assessment, design, and implementation of transportation infrastructure. Harold’s combination of planning and design expertise is truly unique. His focus in recent years has been on integrated land use, urban design and transportation infrastructure solutions collaboratively working on or leading multi-disciplinary teams. Harold has gained a reputation for successfully managing multi-disciplinary projects with diverse sensitivities and viewpoints, providing innovative, sustainable, quality and timely work, and introducing complete streets and context sensitive initiatives. 



Ian Sproul — Associate, Vancouver

Ian SproulIan is an engineer, specialising in public transport projects with a background in operations and corridor development. He has significant experience in light transit schemes LRT, BRT and bus priority, including: all stages of project development including initial feasibility studies, scheme development and evaluation, operational planning, development of operational and capital costs, detailed design and procurement. Ian's breadth of experience has also enabled him to support alternative procurement approaches such as P3, working for clients, bidders and lending institutions. 


Jon Pagan — Associate, Boston

Jon PaganAs a transportation economist, Jon's global project experience extends to 15 countries including a mix of rail demand forecasting, airport passenger and activity forecasting, as well as overseas highway feasibility and studies for toll road projects and managed lanes. Jon is a recognized traffic and revenue expert, having advised major municipal clients in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C..  He has managed feasibility studies supporting over $5 billion of revenue bonds and other financings. For the last seven years, Jon has been a member of the financing team for a $5 billion+ Metrorail project, including significant support for a successful $1.8 billion TIFIA Loan Application and the defense of forecasts for an audit by the USDOT Inspector General.

Leslie Buckman — Associate, Toronto

Leslie BuckmanLeslie is an experienced transportation planner and project manager, with a strong record in the development of urban transit and rail (from commuter rail to high speed rail) projects, notably in the areas of ridership forecasting and project evaluation.  He has worked on projects from feasibility studies through to giving evidence at public inquiry and is well versed in the interactions between policy, project specification (including engineering and operations), ridership forecasting and evaluation as it affects project development and implementation.  


Louis Tilatti — Associate, Toronto

Louis TilattiLouis has a broad range of experience in engineering design, project management and business development gained over 35 years of consultancy work. He has primarily been involved in transit projects over the past 20 years in the Greater Toronto area including the planning, design and contract administration of GO Transit stations, TTC subway stations, transit station accessibility and modernization, station parking expansions, station platform extensions and rehabilitation, layover facilities, maintenance yard expansions, bus and rail maintenance facilities, electrification, and rail grade separations. 


Lucile Kellis — Associate, Boston

Lucile KellisLucile leads Steer Davies Gleave’s stated preference survey capability in North America. She manages a range of high-profile transportation projects requiring rigorous application of econometrics skills. She is an expert in discrete choice modeling and behavioral analysis and she has more than 10 years’ experience in transportation travel demand forecasting having managed a variety of passenger rail ridership and revenue forecasting projects and led the survey effort of multiple investment grades toll roads and managed lanes projects for both the public and the private sectors. 

Stefan Reul — Associate, Boston

Stefan ReulStefan is a senior project manager and senior transportation planner with over 19 years of experience in transportation projects. He has operational and technical expertise in passenger rail, toll roads and managed lanes, transit planning, and travel demand forecasting. As an experienced project manager and technical advisor, Stefan has extensive experience in travel demand modeling, operations analysis and simulation modeling as well as cost-benefit and financial feasibility studies for road, transit and rail projects. Stefan is able to apply his skill set to multi-modal studies that range from strategic planning and visioning to investment-grade traffic and revenue studies for purposes of project financing. Before moving to the United States from Germany, Stefan worked as a consultant in Munich and Stuttgart, Germany with a focus on transit and rail planning projects.

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